Nearly 9,000 cars were stolen in Detroit in 2016

Detroit Police reports that the number nonviolent vehicle thefts rose from 2015 to 2016, though down considerably from more tumultuous years.

There were 8,534 reported vehicle thefts in 2016, up from 8,035 in 2015, according to statistics released today.

2016’s figure is down 43% from a 2013 high of 12,229 stolen vehicles, a mark of progress noted by DPD.

Though nonviolent vehicle thefts were up, violent vehicle thefts – carjackings – have decreased considerably. DPD reported 382 carjackings in 2016, down 39% from 532 carjackings in 2015 and down 105% from 782 carjackings in 2013.

In total, vehicle-related thefts topped at 8,916 for 2016.


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