As the anticipation builds for the NFL Alumni Detroit Chapter’s 2023 Draft Party, we had the opportunity to speak with current NFL player and Detroit Lion, Alim McNeill about his involvement in the event, how it connects players to the community, and the impact of the student-athlete scholarship fund.

Alim first became involved with the Draft Party through a connection with the event’s security team member, Mo. This connection led Alim to meet Ron Rice, who introduced him to the NFL Alumni Association. Inspired by the opportunity to use his NFL status to create a positive image and engage with the community, Alim eagerly joined the association.

The NFL Draft Party offers a unique opportunity for players to interact with fans and strengthen the bond between the athletes and the community. Alim believes these events are crucial for developing connections and fostering an enjoyable experience for both players and community members. The Draft Party allows for casual interactions and conversations, with players walking around and engaging with attendees.

Photos: Courtesy of The Detroit Lions

One of the key focuses of the NFL Alumni Detroit Chapter’s Draft Party is raising funds for the student-athlete scholarship fund. Alim understands the immense impact these scholarships can have on young athletes, who may otherwise struggle to afford their education. By providing financial assistance, the scholarships alleviate pressure on young athletes and their families, allowing them to focus on their education and athletic pursuits.

Looking toward the future, Alim hopes that the Draft Party will continue to be a successful and enjoyable event for all involved. His vision is to see the scholarship fund grow, enabling even more student-athletes to benefit from the financial assistance. As the NFL Alumni Detroit Chapter continues to expand its community involvement, the bond between players and the community will only grow stronger.


The NFL Alumni Detroit Chapter’s 2023 Draft Party is not only a celebration of football but also a testament to the power of community engagement and support. The event’s focus on raising funds for the student-athlete scholarship fund demonstrates the NFL’s commitment to fostering the next generation of athletes and leaders. As players like Alim continue to use their platforms for good, the bond between the NFL and the communities they serve will only deepen.

Read the full interview below:

BLAC: How did you first become involved with the event and the NFL Alumni Association, and what inspired you?

Alim: I first became involved through one of our security team members, Mo, who connected me with Mr. Ron Rice. Interestingly, Mr. Rice had actually met my parents on a flight back to North Carolina a while back, so we were already somewhat connected. Through Mo, we got more connected, and I thought it was a great opportunity to get more involved in the community and do things within Detroit. That’s what inspired me.

BLAC: As you think about your role as an NFL player, why is it important to you to be involved in the community?

Alim: I feel that with the status that comes with being in the NFL, we can use our platforms and voices to engage with the community and create a positive image around it. Many people look up to us, and I think it’s cool and important for them to see our faces and be able to interact with us in person, like shaking hands and talking to us.

BLAC: The draft party raises funds for the student-athlete scholarship fund. Can you discuss the impact that these scholarships can have on young athletes and how they’re chosen?

Alim: These scholarships can have a huge impact. When considering the financial challenges some people might face, having a scholarship like this helps fund their education and takes a significant burden off their backs. It’s very supportive, and I think it’s a great cause.

BLAC: What kind of experiences and interactions can fans expect when attending the draft party?

Alim: Fans can expect a variety of experiences and interactions, to be honest. We’re humans just like they are, so they can say “what’s up,” and we’ll respond in kind. I’m not sure if there are any specific activities set up, but I know that I’ll be walking around, conversing, and having a good time with everyone else.

BLAC: How do you think this event helps strengthen the bond between the players and the community?

Alim: That’s a good question. I think having events like this, which are enjoyable for both players and community members, helps strengthen the bond between us. Adding more activities like this to our list can only improve our relationship with the community. So, as more ideas come together, even beyond draft parties, it’ll help create a stronger connection between us.

BLAC: Looking ahead, what are your hopes for the future of this party, and what impact do you envision moving forward?

Alim: I envision the party remaining consistent, but perhaps the scholarship fund increasing over time, enabling us to help more people. That’s my goal – having fun while making a crucial difference over time.

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