Nicci’s Not Going and Paul Ryan’s Black Ex-Girlfriend

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No Replacement Here

It was rumored that Nicci Gilbert, one of the divas on the TV One show, “R&B Divas”, was being replaced.  Inside sources claimed that “Nicci was a terror to work with on the show” and that producers had already met with Kelly Price to sign on as Nicci’s replacement.  Well, Nicci and Kelly took to “Twitter” to shut that mess down.  

Was This Suppose to Secure a Vote?

A couple weeks ago, an interview re-surfaced where Mitt Romney’s VP running mate, Paul Ryan, said “I have a sister-in-law who’s African American” and “my college sweetheart was black.” Is that supposed to garner the African American vote? Ryan went on to say, “I experienced some ugly comments, some racist views from people who I thought were friends of mine.” OK, big whoop. Ryan couldn’t have thought someone wasn’t going to track his sweetheart down and get her side of the story

Not a Good Look

MediaTakeOut recently reported actress Vivica Fox was nearly kicked out of the US Open. Vivica was there to support Venus Williams, but how embarrassing! Vivica standing and cheering with a Moet goblet in her hand. Come on now Vivica-you are too mature for that. 

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