Noted Confederate Flag waver to play concert in Cass Corridor

Kid Rock, a Macomb County Republican and musician who occasionally displays the Confederate Flag at his concerts, will be the first musical guest at the new Little Caesars Arena in the Cass Corridor when the arena opens this fall.

Rock, who most recently made headlines for being on the short list of potential performers at the forthcoming presidential inauguration, announced the news on his site this morning. Ticket prices for the September run of shows are here if you’re interested.

Though Rock is a musical icon in some circles, he has come under fire among black religious leaders, black political operatives, black people period for his usage of the Confederate Flag despite hailing from the Midwest and being born more than a century after the Civil War. Earlier this year, local leaders called on the Detroit Pistons to drop the purveyor of “Made in Detroit” T-shirts not made in Detroit from a recent ad campaign.

“Now the Detroit Pistons would insult America’s Blackest and poorest city-Detroit by making Kid Rock the face of the Detroit Pistons move to Detroit aided and abetted by corporate welfare for the Detroit Red Wings Hockey arena. It is just too much and I would hope that the Pistons’ players would join us in demanding the removal of Kid Rock from the Pistons ad campaign that, frankly, Pistons owner Tom Gores should be ashamed of,” Sam Riddle, the political director of the Michigan National Action Network, wrote earlier.

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