Monica Ross-Williams is the founder and CEO of MRW Solutions Group. As a licensed health and wealth management consultant, Monica understands the importance of insurance for older-aged groups, especially since they’re predicted to live longer than previous generations.

The decorated Washtenaw County community member recently spoke to BLAC Detroit about insurance, MRW Solutions Group and their mission of making insurance simple.

BLAC: What is MRW’s mission?

Monica: Insurance can be a complex, intimating, and confusing process. For insurance agents, words like deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance and premiums roll off the tongue. But for a potential client, these words may not make sense. 

At MRW Solutions Group, we strive to break down the complex world of insurance to make our clients informed consumers. This way, they will know how their insurance plan works. What will be paid, when, where, and how? This way, they don’t feel “sold to” but instead educated. We try to make insurance simple.


We must provide solutions against life’s risks — like losing a loved one, a dire diagnosis, and unexpected hospital bills. We vow to present all options available to our clients to these risks. They might pursue their options immediately or later. Nevertheless, they know it is available to them with MRW. We make sure they have enough coverage.

When I decided to dive into the insurance industry, reconciling what I initially believed and what I was learning took months. The reason why? You are an educator. Whether it is Medicare education, structures of life insurance products, or the benefits of an annuity for wealth management goals — individuals must understand how these products would benefit them. We educate; we do more than what is required of us.

BLAC: MRW offers a seminar series on insurance. What do you hope to accomplish with these?

Monica: My late father always said to me, “Education is something no one can take away from you.” Once you have the education, it improves your vantage point.

Our goal is that each attendee of “Educate: Seminar Series with MRW Solutions Group” feels empowered to make the best decision.

BLAC: For those who are retired or about to retire what advice would you give them?

Monica: Many 50-year-olds and older will not have retiree health insurance, and what they know about health insurance will change when they retire. They may not be prepared for these changes, and it can be challenging.

Medicare — the government-based insurance plan for those at or over 65 years old, with specific disabilities, and those between 18-64 receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) for 24 months or more — is also changing.

Knowing if it is best to choose original Medicare, a medical supplement, or a Medicare Advantage Plan solely depends on the health and fixed-income resources upon retirement the beneficiary receives. Understanding what each plan one has is extremely important.

Lastly, the 50-year-old and older population must avoid being taken advantage of. They must engage in deep conversations about what is best for them in a world where technology continues to play an ever-growing place in their lives.

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