On wheels: These Detroiters are bringing their business to the road

etroit entrepreneurs Anthony Radcliffe and Katori Belcher have learned the art of streamlining a business with an innovative approach to customer service: Taking their respective businesses on wheels.

Radcliffe of Marc Anthony Creations owns a mobile barbershop and Belcher owns a mobile boutique called Beautification Station.

Radcliffe has been in the hair-cutting business since 1996, but he knew that it was time for a change when his normal clientele began to leave town for better neighborhoods and jobs. So he sold his brick-and-mortar barbershop and bought a trailer. Inside he’s set up a barber station, giving the trailer a personal touch.

Before Belcher ever had a boutique, she would sell her handmade jewelry out of the trunk of her car. Then she moved up to a store at Greenfield Plaza in Oak Park, but the location was a problem for some of her clients. A mobile boutique was a way she could satisfy all areas of her customer base and simultaneously alleviate business overhead.

Conveniently providing fresh cuts and the latest fashion across the region, Radcliffe and Belcher are taking entrepreneurship to new heights – or perhaps, new roads.


For more information about the Beautification Station, call 313-575-5745. For more information about Marc Anthony Creations, call 313-378-3075.

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