Online Campaign Aims to Raise Money for Family of Adaisha Miller

Tuesday, July 10

n online campaign has been created to help raise funds for the family of Detroiter Adaisha Miller, following the “freak accident” that resulted in her death.

Miller was shot through the lung and heart after the gun police officer Issac Parrish was wearing in his waist band holster  discharged when she hugged him from behind. 

“I'm not typically one to ‘get involved,’” writes Todd DeHays of Columbus, OH, on the “Let’s Help Adaisha Miller's Family” campaign page.  “I just can't believe the shock this family must be feeling.

“I know that people want to help regarding this tragedy, and I think this family deserves it.”


The campaign has 30 days to reach its goal of $5,000. 

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