On Tuesday June 22, the NBA held their annual NBA Draft Lottery to define order for the upcoming NBA Draft, taking place at the end of July. The Detroit Pistons came into the lottery with a 14% chance of acquiring the number one pick, along with the Houston Rockets and the Orlando Magic (the other bottom 2 teams in the NBA).  

The Pistons are in a full rebuild, so winning the 2021 Draft Lottery means a lot to a team that has gone through some troubling seasons. This offers the opportunity to put the pieces together and become a competitive NBA franchise again, where the Pistons have an opportunity to acquire a player like Cade Cunningham. 

Cade Cunningham is one of the best prospects in recent memory.  He is a 6-foot-8 primary scorer and lead playmaker.  Paired with Saddiq Bey and Isaiah Stewart, who were nominated to NBA all rookie teams this year, the franchise would be making a turn in the right direction. Cade has disclosed his intent on becoming a Detroit Piston, and only plans to meet with Detroit management prior to the draft.  Cunningham will be a great compliment for what the front office, ideally launching Detroit into playoff contention in the coming seasons. 


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This is not only a win for the Detroit Pistons, but also the entire city of Detroit. After years of professional sports teams winning and competing for championships, Detroit has hit a rebuilding phase and has not been competitive for years now. Detroit sports have always been something that has brought the city together, whether it was the Tigers with multiple World Series runs after a win in 1984, the Pistons winning the championship in 2004, or the multitude of Red Wings Stanley Cups over the years, professional sports are something that the city cherishes. 

Detroit and her sports teams have something in common as of late, they both have been rebuilding. Lately, the city of Detroit has been booming with the addition of many new attractions and amenities.  Once the sports teams follow in the same direction of the city then Detroit will become a destination for players to want to visit and play here. The Pistons may be the bright light at the end of the tunnel for Detroit sports to see us out of the darkness. When all these teams are going full force with fresh talent, Detroit will be a dominating force in sports entertainment, especially with all 4 teams playing within a mile of each other!


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