Project Runway Contestant Char Glover Talks Next Chapter

etroit native Char (Charketa) Glover is very much in fashion now: She's this season's runner-up on the perennial Lifetime reality series Project Runway. Glover, a cosmetologist who's been styling hair since she was 16, had no interest in the dizzying world of clothing design until her close friend, Detroit designer Carlton (Cool-C) Mosley, invited her to dress models for one of his shows. "I had no idea what I was doing," the Kettering High graduate recalls. "But I ended up enjoying it." Her grandmother bought her a sewing machine as a gift … and the rest is now television history.

How's life changed since the Project Runway finale?

I definitely have to make sure I have makeup on when I go outside. (Laughs) No more running out real quick to go to the store. You have to be ready because people want to take pictures, they want to hug you. So I have been a little more presentable, because I get recognized.

How did you get selected for the show?

People don't know this, but this was my third time applying for Project Runway. The first two times I hired somebody to make and edit the (audition) video, but that was a headache. Then I started my own web series (Reckless Dreamer series on YouTube), so I bought equipment and learned how to shoot and edit video. I said, "This time, I'm going to do it in my apartment, by myself." I turned the camera on and was like, "Hey, guys!" I just went for it, and it worked.

Are you disappointed you didn't win after coming so close?

Not at all. I was really proud of Sean (Kelly, the eventual champion). I think he was so deserving. His collection was amazing. When someone you care about wins and you know they wanted it just as much as you, you've just got to say, "Hey, you snatched it! If it wasn't me, I'm glad it was you."

The Twitterverse exploded when Project Runway co-host Tim Gunn gave you his reprieve to remain in the competition. Did he really choke up when he did so?

One thing I want to make sure I add is that Project Runway is so authentic. When you see raw emotion, you're seeing it as it's happening. When I walked in the workroom (to meet with Gunn), I'm thinking, "I've been eliminated. Why do you have me back here?" Then you see Tim crying; I'm like, "What is going on?" That was literally a raw moment caught on camera.


Did you read social media comments about you, or were you too focused?

Let me tell you something. (Laughs) Before, I would be on Twitter, "I just ate my favorite cereal." Nobody cared! Then you go on Project Runway-and they told us, "Do not read the comments"-and you have 50 notifications, you're nosy! "Let me check this out." Viewers are passionate about that show. If you don't want your feelings hurt, stay away from those hashtags!

Anything surprise you about the show?

The time. When they say, "You have a day to complete this," that's what they mean. I don't know what I thought a day was supposed to be! When we went to Mood (the fabric store) and Tim says you have 30 minutes, they literally start the clock the moment he says that.

But in the Project Runway bubble, they do such a good job of making your life amazingly easy. We had dressers, people ironing for us-so it wasn't as intense as I thought it was going to be. I can't even lie. I wanted to give you this elaborate story about going crazy backstage, but it wasn't like that. Not for me.

What's next for you?

A couple of different things are popping up. I'm just taking opportunities as they come. If there's something I feel fits my brand, the direction I want to go, I'm going for it. I'm just enjoying everything that's coming my way.

But when you're focused on your career, something's going to suffer. So I'm single and ready to mingle! Somebody get me from behind this sewing machine!

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