Rihanna, Chris Brown Get Inked While Madonna Fakes It

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What’s With Body Tattoos?

This tattoo thing is out of control. Rihanna just got a new tattoo in memory of her grandmother. I loved my grandmother, too-though, a permanent tattoo across my chest? Not! Then, her ex Chris Brown went and got a tattoo in very nearly the same part of his body…and let's not even continue to talk about that thing on his neck

Anyway, in Madonna’s case, at least it isn’t permanent. We all know Madonna has always pushed the edge. Her latest push is an endorsement of President Obama on her body. During a concert in New York City, Madonna explained to her fans the freedom that we have living in America and how it shouldn’t be taken for granted. She said, “It doesn’t mean that this is the perfect country. We have a long way to go.”  Then Madonna chose to show her support of President Obama by revealing an “OBAMA” tattoo painted across her lower back. Glad she supports him-even happier that her tat is temporary.  

This Fool Won’t Give Up

Chad Johnson, aka Ochocinco, is refusing to sign divorce papers. Unless you’ve been under a rock, you know that Johnson allegedly head-butted Evelyn Lozada, of “Basketball Wives”, just weeks after their expensive wedding. Lozada filed for divorce three days later. Well, not only did Johnson go out and get Lozada’s face tatted on his leg, he is now refusing to sign the divorce papers.

Sources say Johnson doesn’t want a divorce. Well, wake up buddy. Lozada filed in Florida and under their law, the divorce can be finalized with or without his signature. So, at this point, Johnson can kick rocks. This marriage will be over whether he likes it or not. Johnson should’ve consulted Tom Arnold about that tattoo to save a marriage trick. It didn’t work for him either


Where Are the Positive Black Movies?

When I saw that Danny Glover, Charles “Roc” Dutton, Megan Good and Common were in a new movie, I got excited. Once I watched the trailer, my excitement turned to disappointment.

Don't get me wrong, the movie looks entertaining and the plot is deep. My problem is the negative behavior and the violence. Yes, this is a trailer and it doesn't show the entire story but it shows enough to glorify thug life. Yes, there is a strong voice trying to deter a child and steer him on the right track but why have to steer him back?  When can we see positive movies from start to finish about “Black” life? The movie is called “LUV.” Check the trailer below.

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