RoboCop Statue to Protect Detroit in Summer 2014

After Detroit's new mayor is sworn in, the Motor City will receive a new leader to protect its residents from corruption and cronyism-RoboCop.

The Guardian's Ben Child reports, a 10-foot-tall tall bronze RoboCop statue will be unveiled in summer 2014 after a successful kickstarter campaign to the tune of $67, 436 to fund the cause, which all began with a tweet. Child reports:

It all began when a Twitter user publicly messaged Detroit's mayor, Dave Bing, to demand his favourite movie character be celebrated as one of the city's most famous exports. Bing replied: "There are not any plans to erect a statue to RoboCop. Thank you for the suggestion." But the idea quickly caught on with other users, and Facebook user John Leonard started a group called "Build a statue of RoboCop in Detroit" which further expanded interest.

As for where in the city the fictional cyborg will stand guard, Brandon Walley, RoboCop For Detroit spokesperson, hinted in 2011 that Wayne State University's Tech Town area may be the most fitting spot. Calling the location a "good metaphor for RoboCop and the rebirth of Detroit."

As reported by CBS Local, Venus Bronze Works, a Detroit-based sculpture restoration firm, revealed an early model of the statue to The Detroit News and Detroit Free Press newspapers on Tuesday as the company prepares to cast pieces of the statue in bronze.


Robocop is the fictional-part man, part machine-cyborg policeman from the 1987 film of the same name, (RoboCop), set in a futuristic Detroit. Before he patrols the streets of Detroit, RoboCop will do battle on the big screen in a rebooted version of the original film-set to hit theatres in February 2014.

Visit for the latest updates on the statue's production.

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