Sen. Cory Booker, Jesse Jackson visit Kuzzo’s to campaign for Hillary Clinton

ho knew the Avenue of Fashion would become a political stomping ground?

Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) and the Rev. Jesse Jackson made a stop in Detroit at Kuzzo’s Chicken and Waffles for a community meet and greet to remind everyone to vote on Tuesday — or more specifically, to vote for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Booker, who campaigned for Clinton at Wayne State University in October, says black voters should be more than excited about casting their votes for her.

“I think this is a tremendous opportunity to advance issues that are really not being addressed by one campaign, but are being talked about actively by the other, which is an urban agenda for America,” Booker tells BLAC. “America can’t succeed if our cities don’t succeed. I’m excited that Secretary Clinton has an idea of not just supporting people that are struggling, but investing in communities to grow opportunity.”

Before sitting down for lunch, Jackson stressed the importance of the upcoming election.


“The right to vote is in jeopardy. There is real voter suppression in this state,” Jackson tells BLAC. “You have early voting in Illinois and Ohio, but not in Michigan. That’s voter suppression. The vote is being suppressed without people realizing it. A lack of access is voter suppression.”

Booker says he always feel connected to Detroiters when he visits because of his family’s history here.

“My family is from Detroit. My mom was born here. My grandfather came up for the black northern migration from Louisiana and got his first job here. He worked in Ypsilanti at the Willow Run Bomber plant. There’s so much history and connection my family has to this state. So coming here I feel very, very connected.”

“Plus, he’s a superstar,” Jackson adds.

Booker and Jackson’s visit comes just one day after Donald Trump, Jr., visited the Detroit Republican Party headquarters on Livernois, where he was photographed with 1917 American Bistro owner Donald Studvent, facing social media backlash from the community.

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