Someone tell Populux to hire a social media manager

t goes without saying that this week has been needlessly violent and emotionally trying. With the myriad of senseless shootings happening across the country, people are looking for someone or something to blame for it all.

Well, apparently Midtown electronic music venue Populux (you might know it by its old name, the Magic Stick) blames President Obama.

That is, at least according to whoever is managing the venue’s Twitter account. Last night, the account tweeted out that Obama and all the “libtards” are to blame for the officers shot in Dallas last night.

Of course the tweet was deleted, but a screenshot of the tweet has been circulating around social media, because you can never, ever delete anything from social media.


A tweet that still remains on the account, though: Populux also retweeted former Illinois congressman/Obama hater Joe Walsh, who also tweeted blame toward Obama, liberals and the Black Lives Matter movement for last night’s shootings. (Walsh also called for “war” against Obama last night). For whatever reason, Populux chose to keep this tweet on their page.

This morning, Populux tweeted a “sincere” apology for their tweets, claiming their account was hacked.

Not everyone is buying their excuse.

Certainly whoever is running Populux’s social media is entitled to have an opinion on current events, but it’s probably better business to be more cautious and keep those opinions on a personal account.

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