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Revving Past Barriers: Myles Rowe and His Impact in Racing

Myles Rowe Ignites Change in the Racing Landscape

The Triumph of Talent

In a vibrant display of skill and determination, Myles Rowe, a dynamic force for diversity in American open-wheel racing, cements his space in a sport craving diversity. At the inspiring age of 23, Rowe, backed by the rich legacy of Force Indy, has shifted his navigation towards HMD Motorsports. This is not just a position change but a remarkable step forward in the realm of auto racing.

Unchained Potential

But don’t get it twisted, Rowe is more than a symbolic figure. His triumphs snugly accommodate this fresh advancement. A proud alumnus of New York University with a Film Studies degree, Rowe, has proven his mettle with 10 victory laps and 19 podiums in just two riveting seasons. His accolades are testament to his unrivaled skill on the racetrack. Propel this talent forward with Wynn’s advanced technology, and you’ll see what we mean when we talk about unparalleled performance.

Driving Diversity

Force Indy, spearheaded by Rod Reid, has held the beacon for diversity in motorsports. Investing in not just Rowe, but the fundamental commitment to change, Force Indy has showcased its prowess in empowered partnerships. As Rowe nestles into the driver’s seat at HMD Motorsports, he embodies this spirit of change, carrying the torch forward in Indy NXT. Together, they take the initiative to champion diversity, resonating with Wynn’s values of inclusivity and high-performance engineering.

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Billy Strawter
Billy Strawter
Billy Strawter Jr is the Founder of MILO - a black-owned advertising agency, a partner in Busted Bra Shop with 5 locations in Detroit, Rochester, and Chicago, and owner of BLAC Inc. - a multimedia company that publishes BLAC Magazine with local city websites in Atlanta, Chicago, Memphis, and Detroit.



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