Summer Fun with Kites!

After a pandemic hiatus, The Detroit Kite Festival returns this Sunday

A child flying a kite at the Detroit Kite Festival. Photo courtesy of Rishi Moudgil.

After being away for two years, The Detroit Kite Festival is back this Sunday, and it’s going to be beautiful! This year, the festival is being held at the Cricket Field on Belle Isle from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. As with previous iterations, the festival promises an unforgettable day with plenty of rhombuses, and diamonds soaring the skies, along with some delicious food options.

“We are very excited to be back after two years and continue the long tradition,” says Margo Dalal, the festival’s director. “the sky is open and free! We are especially looking forward to seeing our friends the Windjammers who will be back for another amazing stunt kite show.”

The team behind the festival is encouraging everyone to come out and join in on the fun or just come and gaze. For those who can’t find their old kites from storage, there will be some available for purchase at the venue. If you’d just like to spread a picnic blanket or open-up a lawn chair, you’re also welcome to join in for a leisurely day at the Belle Isle. And if public gatherings still make you uneasy, you can join in by flying a kite at your nearest park, or even from your backyard. Surely, some of the seasoned flyers who will be joining will soar their prized possessions high enough to be seen from nearby neighborhoods.

“We are honored to again be gathering with friends old and new to play, relax, and reconnect — perhaps more than ever,” said Katie Hearn, a kite fest VOLUNTEER. “Whether folks join us on the isle or in spirit, we hope the official return of the Detroit Kite Festival is a call to slow down, look up, and enjoy the now.”

The team behind the Detroit Kite Festival is a nonprofit of the same name that is 100 percent volunteer-driven. As part of their advocacy, there are no registration or fees to join the event.

This year the team behind the festival partnered with Michigan Wildlife Council, and encourages festival-goers to donate.

The Michigan Wildlife Council is a governor-appointed assembly with the purpose of educating the public of how the state’s wildlife and nature are preserved, developed, and protected.


Expecting an influx of people, organizers are encouraging attendees to carpool or bike to Cricket Field to avoid heavy vehicle traffic in the area.

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