A highly anticipated day of innovative idea spreading, mind expansion and life changing perspective, TEDXDetroit, presented by United Wholesale Mortgage, will unite thousands of unique humans on Detroit’s riverfront at The Icon, to both aspire and inspire.

The global TED Brand, which has been evolving in remarkable ways since inception in 1984, has always been a prototype. A prolific movement that, for the first time, opened the ability to produce independent speaking shows from anywhere in the world, calls forth the voices and stories of change makers worldwide. Detroit’s 2021 event, features a meticulously-crafted blend of speakers, presenters and performers who “balances left brain and right brain – academics, artists, investors, entrepreneurs, and innovators,” as mentioned on  (https://www.tedxdetroit.com/). Earning a limited time frame on the big stage, this year’s roster of individuals have the esteemed opportunity to share their own message and story with the world.

Robert Courtney Collins — Founder and Facilitator of marketing and branding agency,  Robert Courtney & Associates, is an expert in creating disruptive business strategies, as a builder of community through digital marketing, branding, and social media services. The pulse of his work is rooted in the investment and development of individuals and their personal brand. What Collins will deliver on stage is a gripping and timely truth telling of his personal life behind the scenes alongside his wife, Ashley Rose, during her last 60 days of life on earth.

“My message for TedXDetroit is about trusting the process,” Collins previews. Culminating his segment into one of shared awakenings through reflection of his wife’s transcendence, Collins passionately offers his story to do what he loves best. 

“I help people,” Collins’ direct and genuine adage states in his Facebook bio. 


“Behind the X”, on this year’s site, gives recognition to the pivotal game changing producers behind the stage. Terry Bean, known profoundly amongst his colleagues as  “The Fixer ” as well as  “The Wolf,” is Vice President of Phil Klein Insurance group and an executive producer in his 13th year with TEDX. Bean is a business and network-leveraging mastermind who pushes the needle forward for people, organizations and communities with bold energy and tenacity. 

TEDXDetroit, Bean says with an ignited tone, is “taffy for your mind and it puts the fire back in your belly.” Three absolutes Bean encourages you to have for an immersive experience,  “Bring an open mind. Bring a notebook and bring a phone charger.” 

Placing a keener focus on the power of love this year, Bean says now, more than ever, the TEDXDetroit team encourages attendees and the many people viewing worldwide to take the time to find and appreciate love between one another and to hold on tight to the beams of hope as we all lean deeper into gratitude.  

Leading a riveting storytelling and unearthing with historical relevance, Rabbi Tamara Kolton Ph.D., will charge the audience to expand their measures of love, intuitiveness, and mindfulness while reminding us all to embrace change and each other with more grace. Referring to our current times as an awakening of social disruption, Rabbi Kolton says we’ve had to re-evaluate the way we live and each of our own leading pillars in life noting these are the times that return us to life’s truest and most valuable matters. 

The independent rabbi, psychologist, feminine mythologist and author, says,

“This is a possibility for something else, a reimagining of who we are and who we can be.”

Rabbi Kolton is the author of Oranges for Eve: My Brave, Beautiful, Badass Journey to the Feminine Divine. Rabbi Kolton is drivebout the Feminine Divine and how to bring Her energy to a world in desperate need of truth, light and power. She believes that Love is that answer.

Beyond this year’s main stage, will be TEDxLabs and TEDxMarketplace which will showcase homegrown tech, art, and small businesses right outside the theatre. Wednesday’s event will be a blend of the traditional speech giving of TEDX brand, in addition to a business expo, art gallery, and science fair. Attendees will be able to demo new tech, sample local cuisine, buy from local artisans, and meet the speakers in between sessions during TEDxDetroit. The event will be live streamed for free.  

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, & Design. 

Founded by Harry Marks, the first TED Talk took place in California on February 23,1984. TEDxDetroit, established in 2009, is an independently organized TED event. TEDxDetroit is among the oldest and largest TEDx events worldwide.

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