The Dirt Label Slings a Little Mud with Their Anti Trump Collection

The Dirt Label, the fashion retailer famous for its bold, tongue-in-cheek streetwear recently launched the Anti Trump Collection, a line of T-shirts, hoodies and flannels which are aggressively stamped with "Anti Trump Social Club."

Owner Chris Morris' political message is about as subtle as a pussy grab. "I kind of got frustrated with what's happening in our society. I felt like a lot of brands were scared to speak out and take a stand," he says of local entrepreneurs in particular. Morris says he got the feeling that other brands were afraid to ruffle the feathers of distributors and clients. This line was his reaction, a way to make a point.

They opened a popup shop in Chicago shortly after they introduced the line, and Morris says he wasn't sure what the reaction would be, but they wound up with a line out the door and a diverse bunch of customers, here and overseas. The gear is available online and at their Royal Oak location. As expected, not everyone thinks the tees are all that cute. Is he concerned with backlash? "Nah. Not at all."




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