The Hottest Destinations to Escape the Cold

Let's face it: there are ups and downs to Michigan weather, particularly at the start of the year. January is when most Detroiters – and Michiganders – start thinking about ways to stay warm because right around that time you realize winter's really here to stay, at least for a few months. You could wait until the weather breaks in April, but what's the fun in that? Why not find a good travel package that'll transport you to a warmer clime?

As a native Detroiter, Sanya Weston, owner of Your Premier Travel Service, knows the importance of getting away, if only for a weekend. Your Premier was started by her mother and has been in the family for over 40 years. Weston calls it "the oldest African-American owned travel agency in Detroit," and with three locations – one at the GM Renaissance Center, TechTown, another in Novi – and a location in Georgia, the black-owned business keeps expanding. New charter flights are opening up this year, which promise lower rates and more options for those wanting to travel and explore the world.

Weston specializes in helping folk find the perfect destination for fun, romance, family-bonding, relaxation or whatever else might be on the itinerary. "We promote travel as an experience," Weston says. "People used to travel just to go to the beach. With experience, people are looking for more exotic, photo-ready destinations. It's all about where they can go to take photos where they can support where they're traveling to." Here, she provides some of her favorite recommendations for those hoping to enjoy good weather, beaches and relaxation during our city's coldest months.


"Bali is one of our Asian hideaways. It's hot now (as a travel destination) and has a lot of health and wellness weight behind it, (plus) the beautiful flowers and small boutique resorts. You can eat good and feel good. Our millennials are flooding Bali definitely for the photo op. You can do your hiking, enjoy beaches, (and) of course, you have yoga. You can eat very clean (there)." 



"Somewhere warm, but where our business people – our entrepreneurs – can go. You can do a little vacation and also business at the same time. It's one of the fastest growing countries when it comes to technology (and) they have beautiful beaches … six-star hotels. Dubai is a great opportunity (with) one of the largest malls in the world."

Costa Rica

"A lot of people are into a health and wellness approach to travel as their experience. Costa Rica allows them to be adventurous but you (also) have your rainforests, (and) over 20 natural parks and volcanoes as well. The temperature is very warm. When you talk about Costa Rica, it doesn't have the hustle and bustle or the party mentality of Jamaica or the Bahamas. It takes you out (of) that hectic schedule and forces you to slow down."


"It's one of those faraway places that people go to as a third selection (but) Aruba stands out by itself. You don't have the storms because of where it's situated – you never hear about hurricanes in Aruba. They have palm trees …  the weather is always beautiful … they have a Miami-on-a-slow-day type of atmosphere (and) the wind blows just enough to keep you comfortable. It's not a place where you have to do an all-inclusive. There's a lot of restaurants catered to the visitors all there on the island. It also has casinos to give you that little bit of nightlife."


"Miami is always a hot spot. They do have festivals between January, February and March – it draws people from Detroit to go there. Not only is the weather nice, but they have things to do (such as), a jazz festival in March. (People) can extend their vacation through cruising over the weekend. You can take in Miami and then a short trip to the Bahamas or Cuba."


"California has Pasadena – it's a perfect place to visit because the weather is comfortable. I'm not going to say it's hot, but it's very comfortable coming from Michigan. It's not far from Los Angeles and shopping is a really nice opportunity … they have antique shops, department stores. I tell people don't overlook California, (because) it is a beautiful place. It has a lot to offer that's different from Detroit."

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