The Little Things: Our Overstuffed Holiday Gift Guide

holiday gift guide
Photos by Alyssa Armstrong

Pore over these stocking stuffers, adorably compact and all under $40 – and Rudolph can rest his hooves, because these trinkets can be rounded up from local spots. Gift them in the days leading up to the holiday or forego the big, expensive present altogether. During this most wonderful time, let us rejoice as your loved ones dub thee Saint Knickknack.

To: The Grooming Gurus  

From left, clockwise:

Vie-Long Butterfly Opening Razor. Sleek, double-edged and perfect for traditional wet shaves. $18.95. Rail & Anchor.

Pocket Mirror. Slides open for a quick beat check, then tucks away easily. $18. Poketo. City Bird.

Panier des Sens Orange Blossom Hand Cream. Winter dryness won’t stand up to this perfectly perfumed French elixir. $16.95. Rail & Anchor. 


Cellar Door Bath Supply ‘Sex Machine’ Bar Soap. Infused with amber, saffron, patchouli, cedar, sandalwood and musk, and artfully molded. $6.65. City Bird.

Golden Grooming Company Big Growth Beard Balm. Natural mixture with hints of sandalwood and peppermint, made for men of color. $25.99 (for 4 oz. jar; 1 oz. sample pictured). Golden Grooming Company.

To: The Spiritual Beings  

From left, clockwise:

White Sage Tarot Cards. Features 78 pocket-sized tarot cards, a chakra chart, custom spread card and 64-page booklet. $18.95. Source Booksellers.

Triloka Ayurvedic Incense Cones. An assortment of water, fire and air cones, prepared in accordance with ancient traditional incense making techniques. $18.95. Source Booksellers.

Amethyst Cuff Bracelet. In ancient times, amethysts’ signature purple color symbolized royalty and an allegiance to Christ. Today it’s thought to help purify the mind of negative thoughts. $34. Free Phoenix.

The Little Book of Crystals.Judy Hall focuses on 15 crystals, providing information on how to choose, use, cleanse and program your chosen stone. $9.99. Rail & Anchor.

Cast of Stones Essential Oil. Aromatherapy oil – a mix of jojoba, lavender, sandalwood, clary sage, chamomile and patchouli oils – infused with calming crystals. $24. Nest.

Incense Holder. Colored clay ready to cradle burning pine, lemongrass or lavender sticks. $28.95. Rail & Anchor,.

In the Quiet Spaces. Local author C.E. Young delivers notes on where God can be found. $8.99. Source Bookseller.

‘Blessed’ Earrings. A simple declaration etched in copper. $10. Flo Boutique

To: The Gen Zers  

From left, clockwise:

Kikkerland Music Branches. Up to three squad members can listen to the latest at the same time without disturbing anyone else. $10. Nest.

HAY Fish Sponge. Dishes just got a bit more whimsical. $9 (set of two). Nest.

The Found ‘The Future is Female’ Enamel Pin. The ‘feminist’ tee’s spunkier little sister. $10. City Bird.

Block Geometric Photo Clip. Available in different colors and shapes, because frames are so last decade. $9. Nest.

Three Potato Four ‘Taco Money’ Coin Purse. Securely holds spare change and clips easily to a key ring or backpack. $8. City Bird.

To: The Hipsters

From left, clockwise:

Beer Bottle Opener. Craft brews and IPAs can be cracked with ease with this wooden doohickey. $24.99. Free Phoenix.

Cocktail Kits 2 Go Old-Fashioned Cocktail Kit. Makes two drinks and comes with sugar, bitters, a cute little wooden spoon and a recipe card. Just add bourbon. $15. Free Phoenix.

Plants Rock Cactus Growing Kit. Includes handmade ceramic rock container, potting mix, seeds and instructions. $12. Nest.

Shea Brand CBD Pain Reliever. Topical, nonpsychoactive, made with 50 mg CBD isolate and purported to be a natural remedy for aches and pains. $25. Free Phoenix.

Forestique Wooden Card Holder. Handmade from recycled cherry wood, just right for an ID and debit card. $20. Flo Boutique.

Kikkerland Pocket Bike Pump. Made from lightweight aluminum and scratch resistant, packing 90 psi. $27. Nest.

Where we shopped

City Bird, 460 W. Canfield St., Detroit

Flo Boutique, 404 W. Willis St., Detroit

Free Phoenix, 171 W. Nine Mile Road, Ferndale 

Golden Grooming Company

Nest, 460 W. Canfield St., Suite 110, Detroit

Rail & Anchor, 502 S. Washington Ave., Royal Oak

Source Booksellers, 4240 Cass Ave., Suite 105, Detroit

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