There actually is a black person in that Punch Bowl Social billboard

Alright, so we were wrong.

After we posted about a Punch Bowl Social billboard on Woodward and I-94, a rep from a public relations firm representing Punch Bowl Social reached out to us with the following info: There is a black person in that billboard.

See the guy sitting down in the middle, holding a beer in his left hand? Stefanie Jones of Feed Media, the rep for PBS, says he’s an “African American colleague” of the restaurant chain, which means instead of 100% white people, it’s 80% white people. (84% percent if you count that shadowed person off to the right.)

We’ll humbly issue a correction here (we did say in the original post that they should’ve included at least one black person, and there was) and also note that PBS has two other billboards in town, one of which has the below image.


You’ll see a black guy there. But you know who’s missing? We still can’t help but notice that there are zero black women included in any of PBS’ advertising (of which, obviously, there are plenty of in Metro Detroit – and, at least from the flap back in December, many of whom actually patronize the downtown location), nor any other people of color, namely Arab-Americans (hello, Dearborn, Sterling Heights, and so on) or Latinos.

We asked Jones for clarification on any other minorities featured in PBS advertising and didn’t get an answer. The rep only asked us to clarify that there were black men in the billboards.

In our exchange, however, the rep did say that we could contact her directly for any other ways Punch Bowl Social could do better. We noticed plenty of feedback about the quality of food and service — as well as general feelings of being unwelcome at the establishment — on our Facebook account, so if you’d like to contact Stefanie Jones of Feed Media to discuss these concerns, you can call 303-324-0857 or email

And so there's no confusion about who you'll be contacting, here’s a photo of Feed Media’s staff from their Instagram account:

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