Thornetta Davis stole the show during the Super Bowl last night

Even though last night was pretty much the latest stand in 2017’s unwavering assault of white supremacy, there was one shining moment during the Super Bowl. And it’s too bad a national audience isn’t witness, because they’re truly missing out.

Super Bowl ads are big buys and not cheap, and this applies to local commercials as well. There’s no doubt WJBK was commanding a higher ad buy for a handful of local spots available, so those who were lucky – and deep-pocketed – enough to get one got a lot of attention.

The Mike Morse Law Firm was one of those big-ticket buyers, adding to its already saturated presence around town. But this time, he brought out the big guns in the form of blues singer Thornetta Davis, Detroit’s “Queen of the Blues” who is still riding high after releasing her second album “Honest Woman.”

In the clip, Davis sings  “I Believe (Everything Gonna Be Alright)” amidst of string of calamities, presumably to assure victims of car accidents and dog bites that if they retain Morse’s firm, everything’s gonna be alright.

Can’t deny we’re digging this, and we support any effort to bring more attention to Davis’ talent. Read more about Davis from our November interview with her here.


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