Toddlers to Gents Offers Customizable Boys Clothes

Toddlers to Gents

With a vision to encourage young men through personal style, Brittany Washington launched Toddlers to Gents in April. The idea for the clothing brand came to Washington, a Detroit Police Department officer and mother, one evening while discussing the challenges finding little boy clothing.

With her son Trenton in mind, Washington went to work establishing her clothing brand. She launched the online store with hoodies, first, and then moved on to custom socks and T-shirts. Using style as a medium, Toddlers to Gents is “designed to help young men,” Washington says. “I want to help boys feel comfortable within the community and themselves.”

Every day, she works to instill lessons into Trenton with the clothes he wears. Personal style is one of the first things the world notices about a person, and it’s what could be used to prejudge them. Washington says, “We have to teach them how to dress now before the streets teach them.”

In the future, Washington hopes to open a brick-and-mortar, a “one-stop shop for little boys” carrying blazers, button-ups, polos, cufflinks, bow ties and more, along with the everyday wear for which they’re known. Expect sports-themed costumes, too. She wants boys to be “happy and proud of what they’re wearing.” 

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