Turn Your Home into a Green House


The coronavirus may have effectively put pins in all of our plans, but Earth will indeed keep spinning and while we’re stuck at home without much else to do, why not use this time to show our planet a little love while saving a few coins? Welcome spring and shout out Earth Day on April 22 with these easy, at-home moves sure to take you from blue to green.

Plant native species

Avoid filling your garden with exotic tropical plants and instead go for species native to the area. This creates a more hospitable environment for local wildlife and, strategically placed, can help regulate your home’s temp. 

Stop junk mail

You can stop those unsolicited credit card offers and life insurance applications that you chuck right in the trash by calling the Federal Trade Commission or visiting their website.

Match the pot to the burner

Make sure the eye you’re cooking on is smaller than the pot you’re using to heat more efficiently and avoid wasting energy and money. 

Switch to energy saving lightbulbs

Energy Star-certified lightbulbs use between 70% to 90% less energy on average than traditional incandescent bulbs, and you’ll knock money off your electric bill.


Make your own cleaners

Eco-friendly cleaners can be pricey, but many websites will walk you through how to make your own at home using ingredients like white vinegar, corn starch and washing soda.

Fix leaky faucets and toilets 

Stop wasting water, energy and money by finally fixing those sinks, bathtubs and toilets. The problem is usually easy to fix, and numerous YouTube videos can walk you through it.

Insulate your water heater

Wrap an insulation blanket around your water heater and lower its running cost by as much as 9%.

Start a compost pile or bin

Whether set up inside or out, a composting bin is an easy way to recycle organic material like banana peels and dead leaves into a deep conditioner of sorts for your soil to help your plants grow stronger.

Change the direction of your ceiling fans

Ceiling fans should run counter-clockwise during the summer months and clockwise in the winter. This helps with hot/cold air distribution, saving energy.

Switch your thermostat to ‘auto’

Avoid leaving your heat and air conditioning forever on, and instead allow it to regulate according to your home’s temp.

Need help to get started? DTE customers can request a Home Energy Efficiency Kit for free! Kits may include LED lightbulbs, an energy efficient showerhead, a power strip or more. Visit DTEenergy.com/saveenergy for more info.

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