Usher Named Executive Producer for “Storyville”

The series explores the birth of the Jazz Age in New Orleans

Usher has agreed to executive produce a new TV show titled “Storyville,” under development with Starlings Television. While not his first producer credit, this opportunity marks Usher’s first producer stint for a drama TV series. The show will tell the rise of the Jazz Age, a crucial influence to the singer’s musical style. and repertoire. “‘Storyville’ is an epic tale sparked by the origins of the sound that inspired my career — a story that touches the nerve of social and cultural relevance today,” Usher said in a statement, as reported by Variety. Set in New Orleans, the series will follow five brothel madams fighting over dominance of the red light district. Starlings TV President Chris Philip said that Usher will provide input that will help the show’s success. “Usher’s massive global appeal, musical and acting genius will propel this unique and compelling original series into must-see viewing worldwide,” Philip told Variety. “His invaluable creative and musical contributions to Storyville fulfill our vision of contrasting the gritty, sometimes brutal sides of New Orleans life with it giving birth to a beautiful, diverse and defining new artform.”

Usher will take on his first executive producer credit for a drama TV series with “Storyville.” Photo courtesy Ames Friedman.

The show is anticipated for a global release and will likely be also available via online streaming much like Starling Television’s current catalogue: the thriller “Departure” which is available on Peacock, and the sci-fi action series “Pandora” which is available on Amazon Prime Video, and airing on The CW.

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