Vegan Candle Line Whiff N Sniff Burns Bright

Whiff N Sniff

Brittani Brisker suffered from chronic migraines with no relief in sight. She began burning candles and saw results much quicker than any medicine she was prescribed. One day she read the ingredients on the candles she’d been using and was shocked. “I started to imagine that if a dirty, toxic-filled candle could give me some relief, then a clean candle could probably make me feel like Superwoman,” she says.

Brisker took her love for candles and started making her own – first for her health, but then the hobby evolved as her family and friends began requesting her products. After rave reviews, she eventually turned her part-time hobby into a full-time business, Whiff N Sniff, in 2019.

Choose from 17 varieties of 10-ounce candles made in Detroit with pure soy wax, essential oils and cotton, lead-free wicks. Candles are estimated to burn up to 60 hours.

Visit the site for help on finding the right candle. Stressed? Try Brisker’s Destress and Decompress Collection. In the mood for something sweet? How about a banana split? Or sign up for the Whiffer Sniffer’s Club. The monthly subscription includes a new candle every month as well as introductory offers, free gifts and other surprises.



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