Video shows man pointing gun, hurling gay slurs at man in front of Detroit liquor store

UPDATE: A spokeswoman for the DPD tells BLAC, "We are aware of the video and there is an active investigation."

A Twitter user appearing to be from Detroit posted a video late yesterday of a man brandishing a gun in front of another man exiting a liquor store on the city’s west side because he appeared to be gay.

In the 32-second video posted under the handle @binswanson, a voice is heard using gay slurs and expletives before a man holding a gun – it’s not immediately clear if the man holding the gun is also talking – points a gun from the passenger side of a Ford Escape at another man in a tank top in jeans leaving Brightmoor Liquor at the corner of Lyndon Street and West Outer Drive.

“He gay as hell, bro,” a voice is heard saying. “Dick-in-the-booty-ass niggas.”

As the man points the gun, he demands the man in the tank top to “take off your motherfuckin’ pants.” The two men exchange words before the man in the tank top walks away. No shots were fired.


The account that posted the video has “robson and elmira exit ten” listed as his location in his Twitter bio and a casket emoji as his display name. After posting the video Tuesday night, he retweeted several comments, ranging from disgust to applause.

The account also posted a nearly 12-minute-long Periscope, Twitter's live video service, recording of a man – it’s not known if it’s the same man holding the gun – facing the camera saying, “I don’t like gay niggas,” he says. “Get off my dick, bitch.”

“Long as my shit gets retweets,” he later says. “Retweet that, bitch.”

When the man talking into the camera further discusses the video, he says “we was on Lyndon, I mean Outer Drive.  I would’ve shot at his hoe ass.”

One Twitter user asked “you just carry that gun everywhere….?”, in which he responded “everywhere i (sic) go.” Another Twitter user said she had been “skipping pass this video for days,” to which he responded “bitch shut up lying this just happen yesterday.”

"All the gay people mad," @binswanson tweeted today. "I don't give a fuck about none of that shit y'all saying I hate gay niggas save that shit," he tweeted last night.

Several tweeters tagged the Detroit Police Department’s account calling for an investigation. A spokeswoman for DPD tells BLAC the department is checking to see if there is an investigation.

A number of tweets on the @binswanson account seem to point to a presence in Detroit, including a screenshot of a Lyft pickup at a motel on East Jefferson Avenue near downtown Detroit, a photo on Freeland Street on the city’s west side, a photo of takeout boxes from Starter’s Bar and Grill, and a photo of a package from Nordstrom Rack mailed to a Detroit address. There are also several photos of codeine syrup, marijuana, liquor and guns.

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