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On Nov. 6, Wayne County Community College District wants to ensure its future sustainability by asking voters to approve the combining of two millage rates that are currently set to expire in 2020 and 2022. If approved, voters who own property would experience no increase in the rate taxed of about $2.25 per $1,000 of taxable value, and the institution can more accurately plan for its future. The impact that WCCCD has had on community is unparalleled and a 'yes' vote would mean continued service and forward motion.

You may be wondering…

How does WCCCD impact the communities it serves?

WCCCD fuels growth across Wayne County. For every $1 spent on WCCCD:

  • $5.70 is gained in lifetime income for WCCCD students.
  • $22.80 is gained in added income and social savings to society.
  • $2.20 is gained in added taxes and public sector savings for taxpayers.

WCCCD has an overall impact on the local business economy of about $370 million annually – or about .5 percent of the region's Gross Regional Product every year. WCCCD is an economic engine for the communities it serves.

What has WCCCD achieved for the community in recent years?

WCCCD has made major investments across Wayne County in technologies, new and upgraded educational and community facilities, and services to support its nearly 70,000 students and the 36 cities and townships it serves. Every project has been completed on time and under budget.

New services and programs support lifelong learning for everybody in the community – whether just starting pre-school, finishing high school, transitioning to a new career, or feeding curiosity later in life. Expanded services, such as transportation, one-on-one advising, financial aid support, program design, 24-hour learning support, job placement support; class schedules that work for working families; new programs from the state's best universities that allow students to get advanced degrees in their backyards; and a broad array of programs for seniors available at no cost – support everyone's educational goals.

How does WCCCD work with area businesses?

WCCCD is a regional leader in workforce training and development. The District works with area businesses, city, county, and state government leadership, and other agencies and groups to ensure that southeast Michigan has the skilled workforce it needs to fill high demand positions and boost area economies.

WCCCD alumni add some $284 million in income to our region every year.

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