Wayne State’s DetroitEd411 Service Gives Instant Access to Higher Education Resources


Got a question about post-secondary education that you need answered right away? With Wayne State University’s newest information service, DetroitEd411, you can access information and resources about vocational training, financial aid, GED opportunities, child care and the like via Facebook Messenger.

A collaboration between WSU and the Detroit Regional Chamber, DetroitEd411 is meant to support adult learners and promote college attainment and career readiness in Detroit. Search for the service on Messenger and be introduced to Spirit, an innovative blend of artificial intelligence and supervised machine learning, ready to answer all your questions, day or night.

“One of the best things about using this adaptive technology is that we’re able to meet people wherever they are and answer questions in real time, without judgment,” says Dawn Medley, WSU’s vice president of enrollment management. “The amount of information Spirit is able to provide is limitless, and the database of answers and resources will only continue to grow, adapt and expand as more people take advantage of DetroitEd411.”

Spirit is powered by Boston-based education technology startup AdmitHub. CEO and co-founder Drew Magliozzi says, “Artificial intelligence can play a powerful role as a complement to the work of advisors, counselors and admissions officers as they help students navigate the college experience. This is about enabling colleges to respond to students’ questions quickly, efficiently and at an unprecedented scale – freeing up time for support staff to focus on the students who need it most.”

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