Wellness Coach Toni Jones’ ‘Affirmations for the Grown Ass Woman’ Available Now

Toni Jones

We women will be the firsts to admit that sometimes messages need be reiterated – perhaps a few times – before they truly penetrate. Toni Jones, wellness coach and author of the blog and brand W.I.F.E. Comma, has created a way for women to carry positivity with them, and set it to repeat.

Her new motivational album Affirmations for the Grown Ass Woman is a nine-track collection of affirmations, each with a specific theme. Jones speaks with a cool rhythm and exuberantly over jazzy, R&B-esque beats.

“It was important for me to make something that was modern, relatable but also had those ancient principles that our ancient mothers knew about healing and womanhood,” she says.

“It’s something that women can take on the go,” Jones adds. “They can be proactive and intentional about the areas they need to be well, mindful and heal in, while they’re doing whatever: driving in the car, working out, preparing their products (or) getting the kids ready.”

She knows that when each day looks like a dizzying whirlwind of appointments and to-dos, self-care, especially for a woman, is usually the first thing to fall by the wayside. Affirmations can be folded into your day “and doesn’t compromise your agenda.”


Jones will kick off a part-virtual, part-live tour, The 100 Working Women Wellness Tour, soon, visiting women-owned businesses and corporations to “teach them the science behind affirmations, why it’s a proven technique to create the life that you want.” And expect a Grown Ass Woman podcast this fall.

Work on self is crucial for healing and happiness, but it’s indeed work. As Jones says on the second track, “I know real change is messy, and I’m here for it.”

Affirmations for the Grown Ass Woman is available on iTunes, Amazon Music, Tidal and most music streaming platforms.

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