Women’s retreat encourages Detroit businesswomen to be ‘unapologetically powerful’

A retreat in Dearborn brought together more than 100 unapologetically powerful women seeking to take their personal and professional brands to the next level

Meagan Ward, founder of The Powerful Women’s Weekend retreat, and her board of directors take time each year to lead entrepreneurs and corporate trailblazers in embracing and asserting their power.

“Being a powerful woman is being unapologetic, it’s knowing who you’re, owning who you are, and being open to who you’re to excel in what you want to do,” Ward, founder of Creatively Flawless branding agency and The Powerful Women’s Weekend retreat, tells BLAC during the retreat.

Being a powerful woman takes a certain je ne sais quoi; it’s nurtured carefully over time through self-care, being ambitious, knowing what you want in life and professional and personal development.

This year’s retreat, “When Power, Grace and Excellence Collide,” held at The Henry Hotel, was facilitated by founder Ward; Tonya Rapley, founder of My Fab Finance: Melissa Butler, owner of The Lip Bar; Courtney Sanders, creator of Think & Grow Chick; and Detroit Public Lighting Authority general counsel Tifani Sadek.


The weekend kicked off June 25 with speakers leading workshops on personal and professional branding of yourself and business, balancing a successful career while being married, self confidence and care, and of course what is a powerful woman and how do you get out of your own way to embrace her.

Sadek, says her power came from her mother pushing her to be an independent and educated woman. As a corporate attorney and business owner, Sadek is a leading example of how to balance the hectic life of a businesswoman and nurturing a love life with your significant other.

“This is my first time to a Powerful Women’s event period, and I’ve been really blown away,” she says. “This weekend, I spoke about life and work balance – if there is such a thing – and what that means to me and how I try to implement it. I specifically spoke about how it relates to marriage and what it means to be very career-driven and how that can affect your marriage, in a good way and a bad way.”

The retreat wrapped Sunday with a fitness session and additional workshops focusing on healing, spirituality and self-care.

“The biggest thing that we wanted was to create a life changing experience,” Ward says. “I know that sounds like a pretty big deal, but we’re a culture. So when you come to our event, it’s not just an event. You become a part of the powerful women culture.

“Having this network of so many different powerful and dynamic women is essential because we get to use each other in different ways,” Ward adds. “With this network, you have access to so many different women. We want them to network, we want them to connect, build their networks and maximize these relationships.”

It’s clear that Ward and her board of directors are a unique troop of unapologetic women who incubated the retreat from a desire to help women embrace themselves fully. They’ve worked tirelessly to provide an environment and network for women entrepreneurs and corporate trailblazers who are ready to aspire to that level of being unapologetically powerful.  

Ward says that through Creatively Flawless, she is also able to help women from industries like technology and beauty find their inner brilliance, talent and abilities.

Through these experiences, she has begun showing women her secret ingredients to success.

For more information about The Powerful Women’s Weekend and Creatively Flawless Branding Agency visit, the powerfulwomen.org and creativelyflawless.com.

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