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How three young professionals came together to address mental health in our community

African Americans are more likely to suffer from mental illness, but less likely to seek help. Why? Cultural stigma, access issues and a misguided “buck up” mentality are big factors getting in the way. But two local therapists are trying to change our thinking and our lives.
Pleasure is a Healthy Part of Sex:

Pleasure is a Healthy Part of Sex

Pleasure is a feeling of enjoyment. When it comes to sexual health, pleasure can often be forgotten.
Black Professionals to follow on Health tiktok

What is Health-Tok And Which Black Medical Pros Should You Follow?

With today’s current trend, TikTok is not just a pure entertainment app where you could see people dancing, singing, and lip syncing, but it...

Top 5 Black Herbalists Thriving in Health-Tok 

Here are the top five black herbalists thriving in Health-Tok, a segment of TikTok created just for health and wellness.
Megan Thee Stallion Launches mental health website

Megan Thee Stallion Launches Mental Wellness Website

Megan Thee Stallion launched a website tackling mental wellness for Black, minority and LGBTQ+ communities as a companion to her new album.

12th Annual Men’s Health Day Returns to Ford Field Oct. 8

Men of metro Detroit — 18 years of age or older and with or without health insurance — will be treated to a free health event on Oct. 8 at the Ford Field. The event will include screening for some of the most curable and preventable illnesses.
Black Women are Making Noise for other Black Women's Health

These Advocates Are Shaping the Conversation about Black Women’s Health

Vegan Trailblazers, scientists, influencers and even celebrities are making it their priority to tackle the challenges that contribute to poor health outcomes of American...

Grilled Hotdogs: Worse for Your Health

Processed meat may contribute a whole range of health risks including cancer, diabetes, and even Alzheimer’s disease.

Thank You to Everyone Fighting for Inclusive Environmental Justice

Today is Earth Day 2022! Let us reflect on how we all are treating our shared environment and to appreciate the resources that ensure...

A New Way to Medicate: Positive Effects Cannabis Has On Your Health

Imagine waking up on a Monday morning; you open your eyes and are welcomed by a blaring alarm, stiff muscles, and an arm-long to-do...

A New Way to Take Care of Your Health and Beauty from the Inside...

Body Complete Rx (BCRX), founded by Samia Gore in 2017, was the result of an ambitious woman who wanted to better herself physically and...
Central City Integrated Health

Dr. Kimberly Farrow, President and CEO, Central City Integrated Health

This physician heads the ‘one-stop shop’ health care center committed to offering high-quality care to Detroit’s most vulnerable groups.