Alley Taco is moving into the former Goodwells location

ust a few weeks ago, Goodwells Natural Food Market shocked Detroit health-food enthusiasts when they vacated its Midtown digs without a word

We’re still not sure what happened with Goodwells. We’ve heard every rumor (and so have you) under the sun at BLAC, ranging from personal reasons to close up shop to falling victim to gentrification. We also heard rumors of a temporary closure for remodeling.

But while we’re still mourning a loss of Goodwells’ famous pocket sandwiches, it looks like we can officially nix the remodeling rumor. Alley Taco — a taco joint currently housed in Marcus Market, a nearby party store — posted a photo on its Facebook page indicating they’ll be moving into the former organic market’s space in 2017.

Jason Frenkel, who also owns RUBBED in Corktown, opened Alley Taco in 2014 inside the market on Second Avenue, selling tacos, burritos, quesadillas and other Mexican cuisine.

No word on when Alley officially opens, but here’s what we still know for sure about Goodwells since it shuttered:

  • BLAC learned that the owners had been in meetings with the City of Detroit about possible expansion. Goodwells also received a $10,000 grant from NEIdeas, a business growth incubator, last year.
  • BLAC talked to a relative of James and Jason Wood, the father-and-son duo behind Goodwells. The relative had no idea what was going on with Goodwells.
  • Jason Wood himself reached out to BLAC via Facebook with the intent to “set the record straight about what happened to Goodwells Market,” but we have yet to hear further communication from him.

So, Jason, if you’d still like to set the record straight, our door is still open.

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