Barack Obama Is Back on the Campaign Trail

Former President Barack Obama is back on the campaign trail after a long absence from politics all together.

Barack Obama

Former President Barack Obama, who for the most part has been quiet where campaigning and fundraising are concerned after leaving office back in 2016, is easing his way back on the scene to help Democrats in tough races with the hope of helping his party drag a continued Congressional majority across the finish line.

The Obamas at the unveling ceremony of their official White House portraits hosted by President Joe Biden.

The unveiling of his official White House portrait this week now seems like the kickoff of a mini tour in which Obama is reminding everybody he’s still at the top of the list of Democrats who can energize voters and get donors to open their checkbooks.

Obama hit a fundraiser for the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee on Thursday, CNN’s Dan Merica reported, where tickets cost as much as $50,000 per head. He criticized what he characterized as Republicans’ attacks on democracy but also got political by praising his party for stepping up its “ground game,” a political term for last-minute efforts to get out the vote. CNN had earlier reported that Obama planned to campaign for Democrats running for governor and in congressional races in battleground states.

Could that mean helping, say, Stacey Abrams and Raphael Warnock in Georgia? Maybe. Both of them are in tight contests in a swing state. Abrams’ campaign could use the boost after a New York Times story earlier this week questioned whether she’ll be able to unseat Republican Gov. Brian Kemp. Warnock is doing better but still in a fight with Herschel Walker, the Republican nominee.

A representative from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee said they couldn’t comment on Obama’s plans, but the group is currently pouring resources into targeting Black voters in kinds of races the former president is likely to hit. That includes efforts in Georgia such as holding weekly events at Black barber shops in the Atlanta area and hosting a recent “Divine 9″ cookout in the state.


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