Baron Warren Gives Young Men Fresh Haircuts And An Even Fresher Outlook

"It's kind of like our country club." Baron Warren is talking about the barbershop, often compared to the black church in its impact on the community. It's where men come to connect, expel troubles and, of course, get fly. But he's taken that idea of camaraderie and run with it.

Once a barber in the Navy and now a motivational speaker, Warren heads up Cuts and Coaching, a business that mixes the rejuvenating feeling of a haircut with personalized guidance. He focuses on education, employment and independent living, all geared toward helping "males become men." The haircut is the alley-oop – the setup for the slam-dunk.

"When I was a barber in the military, I got an understanding of how good men feel after a haircut," Warren says. "I just think it gives black men a fresh start toward anything they're trying to achieve."

You can book Warren for a group workshop or a one-on-one coaching session, and he'll show up ready to deliver crisp lines and inspirational words.

"Men are just designed to be leaders," Warren says. "It's a lifestyle, being clean from all aspects – looking good on the outside and feeling good on the inside."


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