Black-Owned, Postal Petals Disrupts Floral Industry

Postal Petals made farm-to-table possible for the floral industry

Photo from a concept collaborated by Talia Boone — founder of Postal Petal — Kit Wertz, Casey Schwartz, and Yoni Levenbach. Photo courtesy of Postal Petal.

In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, all of us went online. Work went online. Shopping went fully virtual. And, one woman was stuck at home wanting to do her own do-it-yourself floral arrangements. There was just a problem: she couldn’t buy flowers in bulk because she was not buying flowers as a business. She quickly realized that the floral industry is dominated by the flower shops as the middle man. You could buy fresh vegetables directly from producers through farmer’s markets. But for flowers, you could not. They’re only available for retail from florists. So she took it upon herself to change it.

Postal Petal’s Founder Talia Boone. Photo courtesy of Postal Petal.

“Think of us as a farm-to-table produce box, but for fresh flowers! Postal Petals connects flower lovers directly to farms to receive fresh flowers at a competitive price point when compared to the retail marketplace,” Postal Petals writes on their website.  It’s founder, Talia Boone, built her business around providing fresh, florist-quality flowers directly to consumers who could not otherwise buy flowers in bulk on their own. With the pandemic postponing events and wedding — the largest market for flowers — Boone saw an opportunity to convince floral farmers to get into a whole new business model. “Each stem is handpicked and cut just hours before they are carefully packaged and shipped to you for delivery within 36hrs of harvest, ensuring quality and freshness,” Postal Petals promises its customers In an interview with Black Enterprise, Talia Boone said that the floral industry is one that is traditionally difficult to dive into, but the pandemic provided the perfect conditions for her idea. She added that fulfilling orders as they come-in, similar to how Amazon and online shops work, was uncommon and foreign floral famers until Postal Petals gave them an opportunity to sell directly to enthusiasts during the pandemic.

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