Black Women-led Great Lakes Legal Group Opens in Corktown

When attorneys Jehan Crump-Gibson and Ayanna Alcendor decided to open a new law firm this year, they chose Corktown. The millennial duo had seen progress in Detroit, and both wanted Great Lakes Legal Group to be a part of it. But this story features two black women helming a "one-stop-shop" for legal services – a seemingly unusual choice for the historic neighborhood.

From their vantage point, it was perfect timing. "The reason why we picked that location is it's an up-and-coming neighborhood, it has so much character – it's Detroit's oldest neighborhood," says Crump-Gibson, 33. "There are a lot of cool businesses that are popping up. We figured, why not? We thought it was important to bring our resources together so that we could offer services to the community – a broad range of services."

These include family law, commercial, business, and probate and estate planning. "Clients don't have to look elsewhere. We can handle multiple matters for any client," Alcendor, 32, adds, calling it a "holistic approach."

The two have a long history together. Crump-Gibson earned her Juris Doctorate from Wayne State University Law School. Alcendor earned hers from Western Michigan Thomas M. Cooley Law School and served as Crump-Gibson's law clerk for a time. Expertise-wise, they legally clicked.

"We practice (in) compatible areas of law," Alcendor explains. "Everything that I don't practice, she does." Crump-Gibson and Alcendor want to serve their community by providing a personal touch. "Business is booming," Alcendor says. "We've been really blessed in that regard. I think what sets us apart is our commitment to clients. It's easy to lose sight of individuals. We care about the whole client. We are also strongly committed to ethic."


Crump-Gibson acknowledges that as black women, Great Lakes Legal Group is an opportunity to rise above expectations. "We (are) oftentimes judged just by how we look. (You) overcome by excelling in the field and bringing others behind you," Crump-Gibson says. "We're coming behind folks who paved the path for us."

Great Lakes Legal Group

2020 14th St., Suite 101, Detroit

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