Calvin and Alicia Goodwin: The Comedians

They fuss like two cranky old marrieds. They fire off wisecracks like radio-show comics. They get real when they talk about their love for one another.

Calvin and Alicia Goodwin married in 2012, after years of dating following a meeting while students singing in the University of Michigan Gospel Chorale.

"When you find the right one, you'll know," Alicia, 32, says carefully and calmly. Here, she is balanced. "When you’re together, you realize…I'm not sure how to explain it, but your heartbeat and breathing become in sync. It's a weird thing that happens."

Calvin, 33, interjects. "Well, I hope you'll breathe me. Cause you'll die if you don’t." Alicia's calmness vanishes. "Stop!" she laughs.

And there it is, that effortless vacillation between the affectionate and the amusing. Prayer and laughter are what the couple says keeps them grounded, but it's clear that when you're kicking back and hanging with them, laughter is what keeps them going.


The tale of how Calvin proposed to Alicia on the Detroit Riverwalk is evident of that. They'd been dating for awhile and suddenly they realized they were exclusive. So Calvin set up an elaborate proposal that included relatives, his friends, and her longtime high-school pals.

"It was cold," Alicia says flatly. After all, it was during the latest months of the year on the Detroit River.

Calvin pretended to get something out of his shoe, but he was actually getting down on one knee. His friend was hiding with a photographer to catch the moment he asked her.

But the words didn’t quite come out right. "I had something rehearsed," Calvin says. In the end, he just told her how much he loved her.

"And next thing you know, I see my mom peeking out from the bushes," he says. His mom was the first to jump out and congratulate the pair. Then everyone else comes out. Sure, Calvin had prepared for all of them to be there. But the reactions from everyone – particularly to Calvin's mom jumping out the bushes – were priceless.

 "We haven't had a blow-up, I-hate-your-life, separate-for-days kind of argument," Alicia says. That's their key advice for other young couples: Communication, but not letting the arguments spiral out of control.

Spontaneity and surprise, however, also are part of their bedrock. The couple just found out – really, just found out – they were expecting, days after sitting down with BLAC. And if you're reading this, you just found out, too.

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