Check Out These Black- and Women-Owned Pie Shops

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Whether you’re all about the filling or you point your fork straight toward the piece with the butteriest looking crust, we can all agree that few desserts are as humble and delicious as the pie. Flaky crust, decadent filling and oh so pretty – need we say more? Simple as it may seem, nailing the perfect pie can be deceptively tricky. So, this Thanksgiving, skip the headache and instead snag a pie from one of these black- and women-owned shops. That way you can focus on getting that bird just right.

Sister Pie

This adorable woman-run bakery lives up the hype. Order a whole pie, a slice of Apple Butter Custard, a cookie or something savory for breakfast.

sweet review: “Salted Maple Pie is amazingly delicious and has become a staple in our home. I will continue to support this business despite the 30-minute drive. Can’t wait to order holiday pies!” via Google

8066 Kercheval Ave., Detroit

Lush Yummies Pie Co.

Even if you haven’t stopped into their Eastern Market setup, you’ve probably seen those cute personal pies at grocery stores around town. Well treat yo’ family and yo’ self to a whole Lemon Butta Pie this holiday.


sweet review: “Lemon Butta Pie is freaking AMAZING!!!” via Google

2939 Russell St., Detroit

Love’s Custard Pie

Go sweet or savory. Chocolate chess or chicken pot. Grab a slice from their Eastern Market spot or preorder the whole shebang. Either way, their slogan encourages you to “say yes to pie.”

sweet review: “Chess pie is like a taste of the South. Sweet goodness all the way through.” via Facebook

2934 Russell St., Detroit

Sweet Potato Sensations

This family-owned bakery has garnered an almost cult following among sweet potato lovers. More than just pies, they serve up a menu of desserts and savory dishes. Catch that Sweet Potato Pecan Pie on our cover?

sweet review: “I got a no-added-sugar personal-sized sweet potato pie with whipped cream. Wow! It was autumn in every bite! Everything was A+. The pie was amazing. Service was friendly and attentive. Will surely be returning!” via Google

17337 Lahser Road, Detroit

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