City of Detroit’s Social Media Director is Now Bumble’s Detroit Ambassador

Amber Lewis
Photo by Cyrus Tetteh

On Bumble, women make the first move, so it’s no wonder that the social app’s big wigs chose a young move-maker like Amber Lewis to spread its message of genuine connection in Detroit. Lewis has been the city’s social media director for nearly three years – yes, even metropolises need PR people – but it was Bumble’s #BlackWomenBuilt campaign that really piqued their interest.

She was one of 10 women chosen to host events nationwide in their respective cities, and after Lewis’ event sold out in 15 minutes, Bumble knew they has quite the busy bee on their hands and offered her an opportunity to act as the brand’s Detroit ambassador. Her first official event as ambassador was a launch party at WeWork on May 23, which Lewis says, lured a diverse crowd of varying ages, races and backgrounds.

“Some people were familiar with the Bumble brand but not necessarily all of the pillars of it,” Lewis says. “So, it was nice to give them insight into (the fact) that it’s not just Bumble dating – and that they could meet people in person and use those same Bumble openers to have conversations in real life and not just through the app.”

Casual passersby may know Bumble as one of a slew of dating apps, but in fact, they employ three “brand pillars”: Bumble Bizz, Bumble Date and Bumble BFF. Users have the ability to network professionally, or build romantic and platonic relationships. “(Bumble Bizz) is my favorite part of the brand, because I love networking and meeting other people and understanding what they’re doing and how our skills can contribute to one another,” Lewis says.

Photo by Michbruc

Bumble may be an international player, but Lewis took care to collab with local businesses on the launch party, like Sumptuous Spirits, who stocked the bar, and Neiko’s Cupcakes. She says, “I always think it’s important if we get like corporate dollars or a corporate budget that we pour that back into the people who have businesses and are making waves in the city themselves.”


As she steps into her new role, Lewis’ wheels are turning considering ways in which she can influence brand awareness and create a – forgive me here – buzz in the city. Expect a series of events and other initiatives that coincide with Bumble’s message and are meant to bring the community together and let people have a good time, and meet new friends and potential partners, for business or pleasure.

“Detroit is a market where a lot of people don’t really know too much about Bumble. So, my job is to tell them what the app is, what it offers and the fact that it prioritizes women making the first move in all aspects of their lives,” she says. It’s hard to talk about meeting people online and not mention safety, and Lewis says she and the brand at large are dedicated to keeping users – women especially – safe.

Photo by Michbruc

They’ve got a zero tolerance policy against harassment and abuse and will promptly cancel any creeper who violates its user guidelines. Lewis adds that it helps that women get to decide if, when and with whom they want to engage. “You have the power in your hands,” she says. “I think that’s the beauty of being able to make the first move.”

Along with her Bumble duties, Lewis is gearing up for the city of Detroit’s campaign to get people prepared for the 2020 census. Expect to start seeing videos and other crusades to stress the importance of the count and, hopefully, dispel some of those myths.

They’re taking care to connect with community leaders and influencers, all working to understand “what people’s concerns are and then combatting them through people they trust.” She adds, “Of course, it’s a really important thing because it’s how we get federal funding for programs like Medicaid, for early childhood development and education programs, for roads, for so many different programs.”

Also important to Lewis is having young people represented in crucial spaces like city government, offering that unique perspective that only comes with doe-eyed enthusiasm. “I love showing young women who are in high school (and) college that you don’t have to be anybody else because your identity is your super power.”

Visit Bumble Detroit’s Facebook page to keep an eye out for upcoming events and opportunities.

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