In Tokyo, the city that thrums with vibrancy and energy, Corey Smith – better known as Mr. Light Show – found his true calling. A skilled US Air Force veteran, Corey breathed life into his passion for creating captivating light shows while stationed in Japan, hypnotizing audiences into a fantastical realm of color and rhythm. His natural talent, coupled with his iron-clad commitment and discipline, saw the birth of C. Smith Entertainment, a beacon that promises to light up countless future community events. Beneath these bright lights, however, the story that leads here is one of overcoming everyday adversities and giving back to the community.

Overcoming the Odds: Defying Expectations and Achieving Success

Corey’s journey is a testament to high achievement and defying the odds. Born to a 16-year-old mother, he conquered the challenges of his upbringing to become his family’s first college graduate. After college, he pursued a military career and served his country with pride. However, after sustaining injuries in the military, Corey embarked on a new path as a successful entrepreneur, building his empire from the ground up.

The Power of Music: Healing and Uniting Through Sound

Corey believes in the therapeutic power of music. For him, providing an outlet for people to escape their troubles through partying, singing, and dancing is a rewarding experience. Each event presents a unique opportunity for both Corey and the audience, with the magic of light and sound never growing old.

A New Chapter: Serving the Community with Light and Sound

In 2008, after completing his enlistment, Corey returned to Michigan, where he pursued and graduated from Eastern Michigan University. No longer serving his country in the military, he was determined to use his unique skills to serve his community in a different way—by bringing their events to life through the power of light and sound.

Continuing the Legacy: Captivating Audiences and Inspiring Dreams

Today, as Mr. Light Show, he continues to captivate audiences, bringing joy and wonder to countless events, weddings, and parties. His story is one of dedication, passion, and the power of transformation.


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