It’s springtime and the thought of a vacation is at the top of our minds. Somewhere with consistent sunshine, activities and great food and dranks!

But with COVID rearing its head at any moment, staying at home may be the healthiest decision. Staycations are the best way to achieve the vacation vibes we are craving while staying in your own city. No matter how long you have lived somewhere, you haven’t seen it all. Your city is always filled with undiscovered creative people, places and experiences.

This is the perfect opportunity to explore and get familiar with what Detroit has to offer. Here are a few ways to create the perfect resort staycation in your own city!

Have a theme.

Resort hotels have themes that attract you. No matter if it’s clean and modern, boho-chic, or hip and urban. You must have a theme. Transform your home or hotel into that theme. Decorating will help you shape the rest of your staycation.


Book your excursions.

Excursions are a huge part of the resort vacation experience. Hit the world wide web and see what interesting things are in your city you haven’t tried yet. This is the time to hit that ski area you always talked about, or that aquarium you heard about, or that one place with the go-karts. Stack a few of your staycation days with one-of-a-kind activities.

Find a pool, a beach, or a hot tub.

What’s a vacation without a pool, beach, or hot tub? Find all three and make sure you are at or in one every other day of your staycation.

Make reservations.

Make a list of restaurants and bars to try. New bars and restaurants are opening every weekend and you have not been to them all. This is the time to splurge and treat yo-self!

Make reservations so you do not have to wait. Sneaky secret: tell them it’s your birthday so you can get the special treatment you deserve.

Plan a spa day.

No resort experience would be complete without the spa. Massage, pedicures, facials, you deserve it all. 

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