Spot Lite Detroit celebrated its grand opening in May and plans to become a beacon for Detroit’s creative community. The multiuse venue was developed by 1xRUN, art print manufacturers and producers of Murals in the Market. “Ultimately, Spot Lite is a creative space, a place where creatives can come and congregate and really build community,” says owner Roula David. The space is a gallery, first, but also welcomes music lovers, boasting regular DJ-led and live events, and a record store. Spot Lite also has a full bar and is open all day. The spacious and lively atmosphere is a great setting for creatives. In the morning, guests can meet over a cup of coffee, or at night over a cocktail.

The 1xRUN team renovated the once-warehouse in the Islandview neighborhood from the ground up with help from the Motor City Match grant program. Their new location is not far from their former Eastern Market home, but it’s much larger. David says the move and construction took a challenging two years to complete, further complicated by the pandemic.

Since opening, however, they’ve been successful in drawing crowds for their evening events. “What we’ve noticed is that it’s a place Detroiters are really starting to see as home,” David says. Their programming has included everything from reggae- and techno-themed nights, to events for Juneteenth and Pride. “We’ve been building and making sure all of these different communities feel like this is a place for them.” 



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