Cynt-Sational Popcorn Delivers a Vegan Pop

Whether it's lightly salted, buttered, cheese or caramel, there's a popcorn flavor for nearly every mood and taste. But what if you removed all the butter and dairy? Would you notice?

Cynthia Davis, owner of Cynt-Sational Popcorn Co. in Detroit, is betting that you won't. To call it a new take on popcorn isn't really true. Vegan popcorn – sans the animal-based additives – has been around for a while. But Davis, a self-taught chef and mother of three, has sought to reengineer the taste buds.

"One of the flavors, 'Smokin' Chili Cheese' – it literally tastes like you're eating a bowl of chili," Davis says. "'Movie Theatre' tastes like you're indulging in the popcorn at the local theater that you attend, but there's no dairy there. People are impressed. Of course, it's a unique experience. Popcorn is a heathy snack. You really can't go wrong when you're indulging in our snacks."

You can find Cynt-Sational products at Eastern Market (where she produces and distributes), as well as Whole Foods locations in Detroit, Birmingham and West Bloomfield – and, of course, online. Not vegan? No matter. Davis estimates at least 87 percent of her clientele isn't.

"My products are just that good, and they (just) happen to be vegan," Davis says. "Because I am a chef, it's extremely tasty. People tend to appreciate the health aspect, but at the end of the day people want good-tasting food."


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