Detroit Dough Offers Worry-Free Cookie Dough

Indulge in a childhood favorite without fear.

Remember the first time you tasted cookie dough?

Detroit Dough invites you to indulge again – worry-free. If you've ever read the warning labels on the packaged variety, it's unsafe to eat, due to the raw eggs and uncooked flour. So Detroit Dough ditched the eggs and cooked the flour. "I think this is a nostalgic product," says CEO and co-founder Autumn Kyles. "This is something that everyone has at least tried, when they were 10 – or even so today. It's a new spin on it. It's safe to eat. Anybody can enjoy it, and anybody would want to at least try it."

Launched in 2017, Detroit Dough had a rocky start: first, in a dispute with another company about the name; next, when one of its co-founders was accused of sexual misconduct. The company scrambled to meet of the demands of the #MeToo movement by announcing his resignation until the matter – which is still being reviewed in court – is revolved.

Kyles takes these setbacks as learning moments. "We've gotten a lot of the slack from a lot of people," she says. "I feel like we hit the ground running and a lot of people saw us as a target. We've definitely done our due diligence. We're trying to grow into a company that is much (greater) than we started off as." 

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