Detroit Flower Company is Making Arrangements in Metro Detroit

Detroit Flower Company

Growing up on Detroit’s west side and attending Cass Technical High School for music Ja’Nye Hampton says she considered herself a “normal and traditional girl.” That was until she made a name for herself in the Detroit floriculture industry with her business, Detroit Flower Company.

Detroit Flower Company specializes in “making your floral dreams come true.” DFC dyes roses and stems, they combine lights and flowers, and they make big arrangements. The brand strives to make customers feel like they can create whatever style, color and vibe of flowers they want. Hampton says, “We stay on our toes. We are always coming up with new flower concepts and wrapping styles.” Detroit Flower company offers pickup or delivery to the metro Detroit area and out-of-state shipping is in the works.

Detroit Flower Company

It started as an after-school job at Thrifty Florist flower shop in Detroit. At the time, she says, “I was just the cashier girl – I didn’t care about flowers at all. I was a good worker and a hard worker.” She was interested in business management. She wanted to learn how and why the business worked the way it did.

One day, her manager asked if she wanted to learn how to arrange flowers. Hampton says, “I eventually got really good at it, and customers would wait until I got into work to ensure I would arrange their flowers.” Due to her hard work she began receiving more responsibility at Thrifty.

After receiving her associate’s degree from Ferris State, she got into the fitness world, completing her certification in personal training, group training and yoga. While arranging flowers, she worked at a CrossFit gym, co-owned a juice bar, taught yoga a few days a week, worked at a deli, and then some. 


She says, “My days were full, and it sounded cool saying I had all these jobs.” When COVID hit most of her jobs fell off and when she got an inquiry for a $1,200 floral order, Hampton says, “I put my two weeks’ in that day, and DFC has been paying my bills ever since.”

Detroit Flower Company

Since taking on Detroit Flower Company full time, Hampton has found her passion for arranging flowers and moved into an operational space near North Rosedale Park on Six Mile to create and consult with customers. She says people come to them for special orders like lavender and lilies, or “pink and indigo flower arrangements with different mixes of flowers.” 

In addition to special orders, they also offer staple bouquets that customers can choose from on their website. Recently, DFC has partnered with a Black-owned flower warehouse in Detroit to source their flowers. They also offer event flowers now and, eventually, they plan to put on their own events to get more involved with community engagement. 

The Detroit Is Us campaign awarded Detroit Flower Company $5,000 to build their walk-in cooler. They’re currently pushing out hundreds or orders per week and quickly growing their team. In the future, DFC wants to add its own warehouse and truck to make deliveries easier.


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