Detroit Vegan Soul West Remixes Beloved Flavor

ou don't have to be vegan-curious to partake – just open to a new casual dining experience. Detroit Vegan Soul West picks up where its other location in Indian Village (East) leaves off. And the new nachos are a great place to start.

Made with cashew cheese and walnut meat, they're probably unlike any nachos you've ever tried. They're also part of a full lineup that aims to provide delicious, healthier food choices.

Chef and co-owner Kirsten Ussery says Detroit Vegan Soul wants be a catalyst for people transforming their health by ditching the meat – and for neighborhood revival.

Remixing a staple of the black community and beloved Southern tradition is risky business for customers who love the taste of collard greens, black-eyed peas and corn bread. But if you're worried about the meat missing from your plate, stop.

"The biggest thing that people are afraid of is it's going to be bland, it's not going to have any flavor," Ussery says. "We've been able to dispel those myths. It's prepared in a way that feels very flavorful, the texture is very close to meat – the way we prepare it – and you leave feeling satiated."


Ussery also hopes to change the "takeout" culture popular on Grand River, at least when it comes to Detroit Vegan Soul West. "It's a very cozy environment, and I think (patrons) should look to make it an experience when they come."

Detroit Vegan Soul West

  • Address: 19614 Grand River Ave., Detroit
  • Phone: 313-766-5728

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