Detroit’s Distinguished Doughnuts

hat is it about doughnuts that we just can’t resist? We know, we know – they’ll spoil your lunch. (Or your thighs.) You just had one the other day. It’s not cheat day yet. If you eat one, you’ll probably eat another. All the excuses, and yet, you know you’ll still have one. So you might as well shake it up a bit. We hit up some of our favorite doughnut shops across metro Detroit and picked up a few tasty treats you should definitely sink your teeth into.

Dilla's Delight's

Named in honor of his legendary nephew, Herman “Uncle Herm” Hayes pays tribute to J Dilla with other one-of-a-kind Detroit creations at Dilla’s Delights, including the “Aaliyah,” a lemon-zest doughnut, and the Conant Garden Glaze, a homage to the eastside neighborhood Dilla hailed from.

Try the “McNasty” macaroon doughnut or the Brewsters banana pudding doughnut (both $2).

242 John R St., Detroit

Donut Bar + Coffee

Taking boutique pastries to the next level, Donut Bar + Coffee opened in 2015 and quickly won hearts with its crunchy cereal line of doughnuts, including Fruity Pebbles, Cocoa Krispies and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. 


Try the Pop Rocks-glazed doughnut ($2.50), Fruity Pebbles-sprinkled doughnut ($3) and “Eminem” M&M-sprinkled doughnut ($2.50).

29039 Southfield Road, Southfield

Elias Donuts

The one work of art (honestly) we couldn’t fit from Elias Donuts, long a favorite on Detroit’s west side, was its giant glazed doughnut, roughly the size of a dinner plate in diameter.

Try the Apple-frosted doughnut with apple jelly filling ($1.35).

19231 Grand River Ave., Detroit

Apple Fritter

When the bacon-and-syrup doughnut trend seized Portland, we wondered if a local shop would heed the call and bring it to the Great Lakes. Apple Fritter did, and it fits in nicely with longtime favorites filled with custards and jellies.

Try the Bacon and maple-glazed doughnut ($1.75). 

741 E. Nine Mile Road, Ferndale

​Donutville U.S.A.

Stopping into Donutville U.S.A. feels like stepping into the past – and no wonder, since it’s been a fixture in Dearborn for 50 years, marking its golden anniversary in July. But if there’s one thing that’s never changed, it’s the fact that they’ll still run out of their most popular offerings early, so get there when they open.

Try the Lemon jelly-filled powdered doughnut or the Cinnamon powdered doughnut (both $1).

14829 Ford Road, Dearborn

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