D’Mirage Plans for a Members-Only Cannabis Club


The city of Detroit is slowly but surely figuring out what it wants to do in terms of legalizing recreational marijuana licenses. While we wait, budding entrepreneurs in the simmering cannabis scene are coming up with new ideas and ventures for when weed is fair game. 

Marjorie Harvey, CEO of D’Mirage LLC, says she wanted something a bit more stable and unique than yet another dispensary or grow operation. Once they secure a facility, D’Mirage will be an exclusive, members-based cannabis club and consumption lounge, hopefully within Detroit city limits. 

“It can be seriously difficult trying to get a business started in this industry. Competition can be fierce. It’s very saturated, and investors and realtors tend to get skittish when cannabis gets involved. But the attitude and stigmas are changing, I think,” Harvey says.

Harvey plans to open D’Mirage with a 25-plus age limit and monthly membership tiers. Visitors will be able to purchase a day pass to enjoy the lounge and the “concession stands” for both food and cannabis. Her other cannabis business, Divine Epicurean, will be providing the infused samples for guests. 

“The vibe I want to create at D’Mirage is one that I’d want to relax at with my friends. It’s going to be a place where you don’t have to worry about drama or mess. You can come and smoke safely around like-minded people.” She says now is the time for anyone interested in the cannabis industry to get involved, especially legacy Detroiters.


Harvey says, “Part of the reason the city took so long is because they were trying to make it fair. If a bunch of Black folks or women got into the industry right when it opens up, that would do wonders for us and for people who need the benefits of marijuana.”


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