Dr. Carter-Snell opens skin center at The Scott

Skin cancer rates have continued to increase in the United States, despite most people knowing that they should wear a hat, use sunscreen and avoid indoor tanning. The American Cancer Society projects there will be 2,780 new cases and 290 deaths due to melanoma in Michigan in 2017; however, Dr. Brittany Carter-Snell says she’s devoted to help combat it at her new location in Detroit.

Dr. Carter-Snell, a board-certified physician, is dually trained in internal medicine and dermatology. She received her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor and her medical doctorate from Michigan State University. She went on to Ohio University and completed a combined internal medicine-dermatology residency.

The 33-year-old says she’s wanted to have her own practice since starting medical school and returned to her hometown because it was needed.

“In midtown and downtown, I noticed people were moving … to not only work but live and play in Detroit. One of the things that was missing was health care and dermatology is my specialty, but I also am board certified in internal medicine,” she says. “Yes, I’m taking care of their skin, but I’m really considering their wellness as a whole and making sure that anything that is presenting on the skin isn’t due to some underlying internal disease.”

Dermatologic manifestations of internal disease is her passion and with her husband of one year, Dr. Jamey Snell, by her side, she was able to celebrate the opening of a new clinic, the Carter Snell Skin Center.


After six months of planning, Dr. Carter-Snell celebrated the opening with a tour of the nearly 2,000-square-feet dermatology office on April 27 saying, “It’s been a long road, but we’re so happy to be in Detroit and have a piece of the pie!”

The center offers medical, surgical and cosmetic services including everything from mole removals and acne scar repairs to Botox and laser therapy. The center is also very high-tech with interactive kiosks and an online patient portal.

While Carter Snell offers a variety of services, she says the most common clients she sees are in need of  cosmetic and health checkups.

“The most common by far are people who are looking to stay youthful, but in a natural way. So, they’ll come in and they’ll ask my opinion about filler or Botox and we’ll have that conversation,” she says. “A lot of people just want to be healthy and they’ll want me to do a full body skin exam, maybe a personal history or family history of skin cancer and I’m always happy to do so because skin cancer is the No. 1 cancer in the United States.”

Dr. Carter-Snell is the only physician at the new center, but she says that Dr. Snell, a pediatric anesthesiologist at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan and Harvard trained will be helping the office staff with their service and education goals of the community.

For more information: The Carter Snell Skin Center in The Scott at Brush Park is located at 72 Erskine St., Detroit.

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