Dream Rich Exclusive Art Museum Combines Art and Fashion

Dream Rich Art Museum

Entrepreneur and fashion designer Darylynn Mumphord – also known as “Dream Rich” – is bringing fashion and art together under one roof with the Dream Rich Exclusive Art Museum. The art museum, which opened in November, offers artists the opportunity to showcase their work and network with other creatives in the city.

Mumphord has been involved in Detroit’s creative community for several years, working in fashion with her brand Dream Rich. “When I say rich, I mean rich in success, rich in health. It has a deeper meaning than just money,” Mumphord says. “I always wanted a deeper meaning than just clothes.”

While working on her brand, Mumphord began making connections with local designers and artists. She soon realized that they were struggling to find space, an issue she had dealt with. Mumphord was already planning to launch her retail space but saw an opportunity to take her idea further by combining it with art.

“Honestly, I understand the struggle. I know most artists are struggling” she says. “They don’t have anywhere to sell their art. I decided to intertwine the two, so it’s where fashion meets art.” Mumphord curates the exhibitions and allows work to be hung until it’s sold. In addition to traditional art shows, the art museum plans to host other special events, like combined karaoke and paint parties.

Mumphord hopes that by crossing art and fashion in one venue, she’ll help elevate both of these forms and their respective communities. “I like to inspire people. To me, my purpose in life is to get people to go where they need to go.”


2627 Gratiot Ave., Detroit


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